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New Home, New Experiences, New York

"Becoming an au pair in New York City was one of the best things I ever did. Before, I was just a small town girl who had never been far from home. Now I have connections all over the world, and a new family in Downtown Manhattan."

-Kathryn Frederick, Director of Placement

What is an Au Pair?


The word "au pair" is a French term, which means "on par" or "equal to" alluding to the fact that au pairs truly become the equivalent of a family member. They not only provide childcare and/or perform other household duties, but they also live with and become part of the family they are working for.

Because every family looks different, so does the role of each au pair. However, being a former au pair myself, I am dedicated to making sure you know exactly what you are committing to. 


Join us in New York City



Moving to a city like New York can feel intimidating. However, becoming an au pair gives you opportunities that you otherwise wouldn't have. As an au pair you will live rent free, have a built in family, and will be connected within your community.

Training and Support


Rest assured that before you are matched with a loving family, I will have met them, seen their home, and have run background checks on them. As a match maker, safety is my number one concern. 

I will also fly you to New York and deliver you to your new home for an optional 2 day training period. I want your first day on the job to run seamlessly.

I also understand that miscommunications may happen between you and your host family, so I offer conflict resolution services after your placement to make sure everyone is on the same page.

No matter what, I will see you through to the end.




While you're caring for your new family, I know you'll also want to explore New York. I do everything I can so that you don't have to do it alone. Not only will I put you in contact with other au pairs in the city, I will introduce you to my personal friends who are willing to show you the New York ropes.

Au Pair Testimonials 

Shannon Oleson

















Hi! My name is Shannon Oleson, I am a 23 year old, from the Plano, Texas. I had an irregular path in college and decided to do Texas Tech online, so that I could pursue my main passion of dance. After living in San Francisco and Dallas I wanted to move to New York but was nervous about such a drastic shift. Finding friends, housing, a job and a new community seemed so daunting. I had babysat for many years and families, and decided to look into au pairing to ease the transition. I found the Bateman family and was so happy. I got opportunities to travel with them, do life with them and truly be a part of the family.


Becoming an au pair was challenging at times but I am so grateful for the opportunities and experiences I gained. I’d suggest anyone who has a passion for kids/ relationships, open-minded and willing to go far take the opportunities and discover a new city, new community and you’ll find some new aspects of yourself

Shannon Oleson headshot.jpeg

Kathryn Frederick

















After graduating early in December 2015, I was not sure how I was going to fill my time between then and my teaching position that began August 2016. I was itching to explore a new city, but I was locked into my college lease and knew I couldn’t afford a second one anywhere else. I started to explore the idea of being an au pair, a live-in caretaker and/or personal assistant. After months of searching and quite a bit of luck, I found my now “second home” in downtown Manhattan with Rachel and Amar Kuchinad.

Living a year in New York taught me more than I could have ever imagined. I made friends from all over the world, and developed a confidence I didn't have before. I never could have done any of it without working and living with the Kuchinads. 

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